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Simple steps to purchasing your next car

Buying a new car can be a hassle. Why should buying a new car be different from buying any other consumer product online? Access Autos has eliminated the stress and hassles of new car ownership by removing the initial dealings with the dealer. We handle the locating, negotiating and delivery so you can now purchase a car online.

check_box2Step 1. Choose a car

Once you have decided what vehicle you wish to purchase, it’s time to put Access Autos to work. By either submitting a simple online form or calling our toll free number you can be on your way to putting a new car in your driveway without stepping foot into a dealership. Upon receiving your request you will be assigned your own Auto Advocate that will locate, negotiate and arrange delivery of your new vehicle.


locateStep 2. Locate

Through a combination of our proprietary software platform and extensive dealership relationships we can locate your perfect car within minutes.


negotiateStep 3. Negotiate deal

Negotiating a great deal goes above and beyond just the price you pay for the new car . Not only do you get a “fleet only” discount on the car, but we also negotiate finance terms, trade-in values as well as other protection packages offered by the selling dealer. This saves you countless hours and thousands of dollars. You will receive not only one offer but several sent to you via our Deal Sheet for your approval before finalizing any deal.


deliveryStep 4. Delivery

Once you have agreed to ALL of the terms of the deal we will forward your information the winning dealer to arrange delivery.  If requested, your new car will be delivered to your home or office with all of the required paperwork that should take less than 20 minutes to sign.