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Most of our clients have never used an auto buying service before and have very typical questions. We compiled a few of the more common ones for you.  As your Auto Advocate, we want to be there to answer any questions you have during and after the process. 

Q. What is an Auto Advocate?

An Auto Advocate, sometimes referred to as an Auto Broker is a licensed professional that acts on behalf of an individual looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle from a new car dealership. Their key roles are to locate the vehicle the client wishes to purchase, then negotiate the best price on that vehicle. An Auto Advocate is a great option for consumers that don’t have the time to shop around for the best deal and/or hate to deal directly with car dealers.

Q . Why should I go thru Access Autos?

Access Autos has taken the business of auto brokering to a new level. Because we have created our own pricing engine coupled with a very extensive network of dealers, we can get multiple price quotes in minutes utilizing technology not being used by other smaller brokers. Additionally, we still offer the white glove treatment and deliver your new vehicle to your door.

Q. How do I know I am getting the best price?

It’s true, you could do hours, days or even weeks of visiting dealers to negotiate their “best price” from the traditional retail salesperson. The typical sales person is a low volume salesperson that relies on maximizing the profit on each deal. As an Auto Advocate, we don’t deal with salespeople. We only work with dealerships that have a Fleet Manager. This person works purely on unit volume. He/she is focused on selling as many units as possible and does this thru commercial accounts and/or auto brokers. The more business we send the Fleet Manager, the deeper the discounts.

Q. What if I have a trade-in?

As part of our services, we assist you with your trade-in. We have relationships with multiple buying sources and can get you several bids on your car as well as negotiate the value with the dealer you are purchasing your new car from.

Q. Can I still get financing and factory incentives?

Absolutely.  All financing options, factory finance specials and factory cash incentives (rebates) will be offered to you by the selling dealer. 

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